Where to Welcome the New Year Based On Your Personality


After Christmas, there’s still one final hurrah to look forward to this year: New Year’s Eve. Undoubtedly one of the most epic nights out of the year, it’s a time to reflect on the past and make resolutions for the future. Where will you be when the clock strikes 12? If you’re still undecided and need some last minute destination inspiration, how about choosing a place with activities to match your personality? Whether you’re looking to party till you pass out or chill on the beach, we’ve got 10 New Year’s destinations to match your mood.

The Romantic

Romantic Snowy Prague gothic Castle, Czech Republic

(Photo: shutterstock.com)

Got someone special to ring in 2016 with? Take your other half to Prague and bask in the old world charm from the monumental Old Town Square to the picturesque Charles Bridge. Lose yourselves in the sea of spires and winding cobblestone streets and you’ll understand why Prague was made for lovers.

The Beach Bum

Praia da Rocha, Portimão

(Photo: Steven Fruitsmaak, Commons Wikipedia)

Who says Europe is a winter wasteland in January? If you’re a fun-in-the-sun person, Portugal is an excellent place to head to, in particular, the Algarve, where temperatures rarely dip below 15 degrees, even in winter! In fact, January is the best season to head there as you won’t have to deal with the “summer crowd” and your spot at the beach is truly yours!

The Foodie

Stroopwafel Amsterdam

(Photo: kevinandamanda.com)

If you travel to eat and your itinerary revolves around food hunting and cafe hopping, Amsterdam has everything you’ll need to tickle your tastebuds. Sample Gouda cheese from an outdoor market, get a taste of Bitterballen (popular beer snack), indulge in Indonesian fare and of course, don’t leave without loading up on Pannekoeken, poffertjes and Stroopwafels! Certainly a sweet start to the year.

The Party Animal


(Photo: deerbrains.com)

If you thrive in big crowds, a night out in Ibiza, Spain is where you should go! With a huge nightlife scene filled with clubs and bars, you can kick your new year off by meeting new people. Hang out on the beach afterwards to soak up some rays, or go sightseeing in Ibiza Town with your newfound friends.

The Adventurous

Swiss Alps Berne

(Photo: Flickr/Dean Searle)

If your ideal trip involves a lot of actions sports and activities, you should consider the Swiss Alps. Between skiing, snowboarding, snow-shoe-trekking and tobogganing, you’ll have enough adrenaline pumping activities to see you into the New Year.

The Shopaholic

Milan Galleria

(Photo: Hélène Demarly © Fotolia)

New Year, New You -and if you’re a shopaholic traveller, that would also mean new wardrobe! And there’s no better place to get that wardrobe upgrade than in Milan, the Italian city where fashion from the catwalks are seen on mannequins within weeks. From the big names (Prada, Versace, D&G) at Galleria Vittorio Emanuele to concept stores like the famed 10 Corso Como, you’ll find everything you could possibly want within the Quadrilatero d’Oro aka Rectangle of Gold.

The Intellectual

British Museum London

(Photo: uguest.com)

If you love history and want your vacation to include thought provoking memories, you should hop on a flight to London. The British capital has plenty of museums, university tours, and a lengthy and intricate history to learn about. There’s never a shortage of historical city tours, grab a group of people and visit the parliament building. Count down the final minutes of 2015 on the Big Ben, and come home a little more knowledgeable than you left!

The Artistic

Montmartre Paris

(Photo: Alexandra Jodoin-Pelletier/Yourshot)

Poetry, art, music -these are the things in life that stir your passion and bring out the debater in you. You will no doubt find yourself at home in Paris, wandering from the Louvre to the Musee d’Orsay and frequenting cafes in Montmartre where the likes of Hemmingway and Proust used to sip coffee. You will no doubt come away all fired up and inspired for the New Year!

The Music Lover

Salzburg music

(Photo: Hotel Schloss Leopoldskron)

Do you love to jam out to classical music? Is Mozart actually your favorite artist? Salzburg, Austria is Mozart’s birthplace (you can visit his actual house!) and was were several scenes from TheSound of Music​ were shot (such as the gazebo from “Sixteen Going on Seventeen”!). You can also catch an opera or musical concert during your visit. The architecture here is simply beautiful (and so is the view from the Hohensalzburg Fortress). Think about it–this New Year’s would be unforgettable.

The Escapist

Scottish Highlands

(Photo: Flickr/Moyan Brenn)

When you travel, you’re looking to truly disconnect and get away from it all. And where better to disappear than the highlands of Scotland? This stunning region of ancient landscapes and fascinating history is home to famous lochs (Loch Ness anyone?), breathtaking glens and ancient monuments that’ll transport you into another world altogether.

Are you a combination of these personalities? Don’t fret…that just means you get to take a longer trip!

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