A Tropical Getaway in Berlin

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Imagine this: a trail filled with unique rainforest plants, spotting flamingos, macaws, and peacocks along the way, maybe seeing a turtle swimming in the swamp. Or this: sunbathing by the sea, toes in the warm sand, and palm trees encircling you.

With Europe being in the grip of winter right now, it seems almost cruel to make one conjure the prospects of sunshine and margaritas by the beach. Or is it?

You might be thinking that experiences like this are only possible with a plane ticket to the Caribbean, but there’s actually a tropical oasis just around the corner.
Its called Tropical Islands, and it’s only 60 km south of Berlin, Germany! It is a dome about as wide as 8 football fields and is tall enough to fit Berlin’s Potsdamer Platz (including the skyscrapers).
There is so much to experience at this tropical oasis in the most unlikeliest of European cities. Starting with the Rainforest, visitors can walk the trail filled with all kinds of tropically native plants and wild animals.

There’s also the ability to jump in a balloon and view the gorgeous island from above. Every single day there is an entertaining show filled with international dancers, acrobats, and jugglers all with feisty Latin American influences. And, if you’re hoping for relaxation, there’s a sauna and spa with the chance to experience a deep massage, a facial, a manicure, and so much more.

Planning on bringing your family? Perfect! There’s a lot for children to enjoy too, from a 27 m high waterslide, a kids pool, and plenty of sand to create sandcastles. At the Tropino Club for Kids, there’s mini cars, bumper boats, a kid themed restaurant, and a large climbing play area for your kids to explore.
Of course, what’s an island getaway without a beach? You can hang out on the beach where the sea is as large as 3 Olympic sized pools, always at an inviting 28 degrees Celcius. Through the clear roof panels, it’s even possible to get a natural tan.

At the Magical Lagoon, the waterfall, warm canal ideal for swimming, and surrounding authentic Monkey rock create a relaxing setting, one that is quite romantic after dark. If you want to stay the night, there is a large pool of choices–there’s standard rooms, lodges, even tents!
No need to look further for an ideal tropical vacation than the Tropical Islands in Germany. What are you waiting for? Check out the website to see pricing and take a virtual tour of the enormous, gorgeous dome!

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