A Traveler’s Guide to the Top Sin Cities in the World


The world is full of great places to visit and some of them are huge party spots where almost anything goes. Here are seven of the best sin cities on the planet.

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Amsterdam is one of the most well-known sin cities in the world. Residents and citizens can visit local coffee shops and purchase and smoke cannabis. In addition to recreational drug usage, prostitution reigns in this city. Its famous Red Light District is filled with prostitutes that are put on display so visitors can “window shop” for a prostitute. In addition to prostitution, live sex shows can be found throughout the district.

Tijuana, Mexico

This Mexican city is known for its debauchery. Prostitution is legal in this city and has an area similar to Amsterdam’s Red Light District referred to as La Coahuila. Teens aged 18 and older can drink their fill of Tequila and other strong drink here.

Pattaya, Thailand

Pattaya is a beach resort where sex is the primary form of entertainment. You will find hourly hotels, massage parlors, brothels and strip clubs everywhere you turn when visiting this city as well as plenty of other stimulants and alcohol. Sex tourism reigns supreme in this city. Sunee Plaza and Boyztown are also popular gay communities in the city.

Las Vegas, Nevada

Las Vegas was founded by American gangsters, looking to develop a city where money could buy you anything. Vegas has what is considered some of the best strip clubs in the country. Although prostitution is considered illegal, there are many escort services that will fulfill anyone’s desires. Vegas is a gambling town where the liquor flows freely and the partying never ends.

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Rio de Janeiro is the birthplace of Carnival. The entire country is known for its beautiful, exotic women, topless beaches, and wild parties. Brothels are legal in this city and offer a variety of services to satisfy any man’s desires.

New Orleans, Louisiana

Home of the American Mardi Gras, New Orleans is filled with lasciviousness, greed, and lust. The French Quarter is known for its nightlife that parties all year long. Additionally, voodoo reigns supreme in this area. New Orleans has been considered the sin capital of the United States for many years.

Moscow, Russia

Moscow is the place to go to find the best European ladies. In fact, the open market, called Tochkas, allows men to find their dream girl. Although prostitution is illegal, prostitutes can avoid prosecution by paying off the police force.

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