The Outdoor Gear You Need For Backpacking


When you are preparing yourself for around the world backpacking trip, solo or with friends, you should start thinking about the type of gear you need to take well before you actually go. If like me you love Wilderness Adventure Travel then you the chances are that you are planning to go to some pretty remote and wild places. Whether you are in America, Europe, Australasia or anywhere else in the world, Having the correct outdoor gear is important not just to your survival, but to your enjoyment as well.

A decent backpack and solid pair of walking boots should be your first concern but there are lots of little items you should include in your arsenal. Appropriate clothing is your next consideration and for this, you must first educate yourself on the types of weather and temperatures you can expect. After this, you should think about a lightweight shelter like a tarp or expedition tent, and a sleeping bag that has a rating of appropriate measure.

An item that often gets overlooked by first-time travelers is a sleeping mat, this is essential to get a good nights sleep and stop you losing all your body heat through the ground. Inflatable mats are my favorite but foam mats will not puncture and are very hardwearing. I also like sleeping in a hammock which in combination with a rain-fly or tarp can give you the best nights sleep you ever had in the woods.
Now that you have your clothes and shelter sorted you can start to think about all the little things that are going to make your life easier and more enjoyable. Taking a multi-tool pocket knife is a must for me, as they come in handy ALL THE TIME and can be a potentially life-saving piece of kit – just don’t take it in your hand luggage on the plane. A water filter is also a great piece of kit that can stop you from getting sick in foreign countries and allow you to safely hydrate from rivers, streams, and lakes.
Going without some sort of first aid kit is not recommended however first aid knowledge is far more valuable in the long run so be sure to spruce up on your reading before you go (or while you are in the airport). Suncream can be a pain to constantly apply but it is a necessary prevention tool in the blazing sun. Your toiletries will not change much if at all from what you would use at home and are often available in miniature sizes, which helps keep the weight of your bag down.
To make sure you don’t buy the wrong stuff you should always read reviews and listen to expert advice, Gear Assistant is the only place I ever need to check before buying any outdoor gear. If you are an outdoor enthusiast who wants to read about the best new items in the outdoor gear scene then check them out.

Charlotte is a journalism and English literature graduate. Linguistics, ballet and country-hopping are just some of her passions. She’s currently based in London but 9/10 times you’ll find her in another country. Always saving up money for the next plane ticket.

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