AppSwitch: Cut Unnecessary Roaming Costs


There is no way to reduce roaming costs than switching off mobile data? You bet! A new Android app will do just that – and it can do much more: it actively controls mobile data at home and abroad and thus avoids roaming costs and overdrawn package deals.

Mobile phones and apps are our travel companions. But part of our everyday life, too, are cost shocks after travelling and used up data volume at each month’s end, at least for most of us.

You pay for data with no real value

Abroad, high roaming costs are often incurred by apps loading data – regardless if you are using these apps or not. So expenses add up without you getting any value for it. That is why many users decide not to use roaming at all and to stay offline instead. Essential apps, necessary when travelling, like messaging services (Whatsapp and so on), only use a few kilobytes and can hardly be held responsible for high mobile expenses. At home, too, many apps load data: For example, some apps update commercial adds in the background – again data hardly needed by any user.

AppSwitch lets the user decide what apps are allowed to load data

The internet is full of so called »Travel Hacks«, little helpers, that make travellers lifes a bit easier. These include tips how to reduce the data consumption of apps permanently loading data. But up to now there has been no real alternative to deinstalling the apps or to temporarily going offline. AppSwitch offers a simple solution to the problem. The AppSwitch app provides a switch per app installed to deactivate mobile data fransfer. Apps can still use data via WiFi connection, but do not use up costly mobile data volume.

There are two profiles for each user. The home profile – activated in your home country – users switch off apps that do not need updating on the go. The travelling profile activates itself automatically as soon as you enter the roaming area. Using this profile only the most important messaging and travelling apps are enabled – permanently or as you wish.

At present the app is available for Android devices only. Apple blocks this kind of data-optimization. A 1-year license costs 2,99€ / $2,99 in most countrys – easily compensated by avoided roaming and data costs.
The app has been recently released on Google Play as AppSwitch – Your everyday Apptimizer. Want to give it a go? Put it to the acids by downloading the free 3 day trial!

Charlotte is a journalism and English literature graduate. Linguistics, ballet and country-hopping are just some of her passions. She’s currently based in London but 9/10 times you’ll find her in another country. Always saving up money for the next plane ticket.

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