5 Reasons You Should Visit the French Alps This Summer

5 Reasons You Should Spend Your Summer in the French Alps

So, you’re looking for somewhere to head off to on your summer holidays? After countless hours spent on various travel sites looking at the best deals to resorts that you know are going to be jam-packed, you’re probably feeling overwhelmed with the vast amount of choice on offer. Allow me to help. Forget another packed beach holiday, and take a break from the masses of a European capital, head to the French Alps!

1. The French Alps Are Incredible!

Really, it goes without saying. Ask anyone who has been to the French Alps, and I’m sure they’ll tell you just how amazing they are. It’s one of the most unique areas in the world, comprised of unrivalled natural beauty, and traditional towns and villages. It’s a gigantic mountain range, full of a huge diversity in local customs. Some areas have adopted a more modern way of life, partly due to the winter seasons, whilst other towns have remained the same. If you want to make the most of the incredible nature, you can, and then afterwards treat yourself to some beautiful local food, paired with some of the world famous local wines.

2. It’s Down Season!

The French Alps, much like most mountain resorts in the world, have their peak season during the winter months. This leaves summer months relatively quiet, except for the more popular of resorts, such as Chamonix. This leaves you the opportunity to explore areas without the huge crowds that you might expect either in winter, or going elsewhere. There’s plenty to do in the summer, from good old sightseeing to hiking, climbing, rambling, biking, and a whole host of other activities, depending on what you enjoy.

3. It’s Pretty Cheap!

Due to the down season, you can usually find some pretty good deals in the Alps during the summer. Hotels often spend the summer months preparing for the oncoming winter, undergoing upgrades and transformations, which usually means they have heavy discounts. If you’re looking to avoid hotels and prefer renting an apartment or house, then the people who trustfully rent out their accommodation on ‘Airbnb’ usually reduce their rates a lot too. It’s not just accommodation, either! Flying to the region is cheaper, airport transfers are cheaper, and general travel around the area is too. A summer holiday in the Alps can be a fantastic holiday on a relatively slim budget.

4. The Weather!

A lot of people like to escape to hot beach in the Mediterranean during the summer, and worship the sun rays. Who can blame them, right? After spending months working hard to save up for a holiday, wanting some nice sun is understandable. However, you don’t have to go to a beach, or southern European city for that, the Alps has all of that to offer too! June – August are typically the best months, where temperatures can easily reach the high 20’s. The weather will easily allow you to pursue those hiking trails, those afternoon’s spent on a café terrace, or maybe even trying your hand at something a little more extreme, like paragliding!

5. Because You Want to Live That Dream Adventure!

Let’s be honest, at some point we all sit and dream about doing something super adventurous and fun, and where better than an area that prides itself on being home to everything that fits within those parameters? Maybe you’ve always wanted to go on a truly wild camping experience? Well, there you can! Perhaps you’ve always wanted to put yourself on a bike, a wind down a mountain trail, feeling the alpine breeze on your face? There you can!

So, this summer, forget about the typical beach escape to Spain, forget the city break to Florence or Rome, get yourself a break in the French Alps. There’s something for everyone. If you want to just relax and do nothing, you couldn’t do it in a more beautiful part of the world. If you want fun, then you really couldn’t be in a more fun environment!

Alex is always trying to find a reason to travel and go on an adventure. Loves mountains. If there’s good food and wine, he’s very likely to turn up

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