Know Before You Go: 5 Highlights of Lake Bled

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Ljubljana may be the capital of Slovenia but it is its younger sister Lake Bled that will charm the socks off you, one breathtaking view at a time. It is one of those locations that looks like it came straight off the pages of a fairytale book, pulling you in for an exciting, page-turning adventure! Ready to explore what Lake Bled has to offer? Make sure you don’t miss the highlights below!

1. The enchanting Bled Island

Bled Island
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No matter how many times you’ve seen images of Lake Bled’s famous island on Tumblr etc, nothing can prepare you for its breathtaking beauty up close and personal. Standing tall and proud in the middle of the crystal blue waters, Bled Island beckons to you to come closer, and come closer you will! Once there, you can visit The Church of the Assumption, a hot spot for lovebirds looking to tie the knot. Don’t leave without tolling the 16th-century wishing bell. According to folklore, whoever rings the bell is giving honour to the Virgin Mary and will therefore have their wish come true!

2. A ride in a Pletna boat

Pletna boats

But how do you get to Bled Island? Well if you’re feeling adventurous you can hire a boat and row yourself there or if you wish, you can hop in a Pletna boat and have a true Pletna oarsman row you over. These traditional flat-bottomed wooden boats date back to 1590 are only made in Bled so you know you’re in for a truly authentic Bled experience. And you know what they say –you haven’t really visited Bled if you haven’t taken a trip on a Pletna boat!

3. Explore the natural beauty that is Vintgar gorge


Vintgar gorge is beyond anything you will ever experience. It is one of the most popular natural features in Slovenia, said to be a smaller version of Croatia’s Plitvice Lakes National Park. The gorge itself is around 1.6km long and you will encounter rapids, waterfalls and lakes on your way –along with greenery on every surface you encounter. You’ll walk along on wooden bridges above the most crystal clear water you’ve ever seen, making you think you were on your way to an enchanted castle! Don’t forget your camera!

4. Cake! Cake! Cake!

Bled cream cake

Of course this made it on the list –because who doesn’t love cake?! Well, the Slovenians do and it doesn’t get much better than Bled Cream Cake. It’s their delicacy, a delicious triple layered creamy cake that will have you salivating for more even before the last crumb is devoured. The best place to get this treat is river side at Slascicarna Smon as they serve the best in Bled. Bon apetit! Or as they say in Slovenia dober tek!

 5. Hike up to Bled Castle

Bled Castle

Now that you’ve had your cake, it’s time to make your way up the hills of Lake Bled where a historic beauty is located –Bled Castle. To be sure, you can see the top of it from the Ojstrica viewpoint, but hey, you don’t go all the way to Paris and see the Eiffel Tower from your hotel right? The journey to the castle might be a looooooooooong way up (read: you’ll have enough leg day training to last the week!) but the spellbinding views are worth every step!


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