The 5 Day Guide To Ibiza


You’ve got five days to spend on the most famous island in Europe and one of the most famous in the world. It is the party island, the one where all the celebrities go, the one famous for its clubs, DJs, beaches, food, and libertine lifestyle. Yes, you’re going to Ibiza!! And you are extremely lucky. Therefore, you just might want to make the best out of your 5-day vacation. Here are 5-days’ worth of activities in stunning Ibiza, complete with sartorial advice on what to wear.

Day 1. Take the island tour

Ibiza Island
Photo: 500px/José Juan Gonzálves

On your first day, it’s best to get acquainted with the island. Find all the sweet spots you will definitely want to return to later and learn a bit of the island’s geography. According to what attracts you the most, find out where all the interesting things are.

You will soon discover that the beautiful Ibiza is actually very small. It’s only 45 Km long and 25 Km wide, which means you can accomplish seeing it in one day. There are four ways in which you can take a tour.

  • Rent a car and literally drive all the way around the island. In this way, you will get to see the amazing beaches and the lovely villages that dot the White Island shores.
  • Rent a bike. You can do the same thing as with the car and follow the exact same routes, only by bike this time, to really work an appetite.
  • Take the Tourist Train. Ibiza offers its many tourists the wonderful opportunity to take the tour of the island via a special train. It has a lot of fun stops, which you can take advantage of to take pictures, connect with the locals, dip your feet in the sea or eat local food. The driver provides a running commentary in several languages as well.
  • Walking. The same tour can be taken by simply walking around the island, from beach to beach. We recommend you dress lightly, as it’s very warm during the summer. So shorts and a t-shirt, as well as flat sandals and a big hat should do the trick. Also, make sure to take a large backpack with you, as you will need to pack water, snacks, and a few items such as sunscreen, a camera, and sunglasses. Here’s a great backpack design that you can use. It’s made of canvas, in a beautiful tan color, it has many pockets to fit all your belongings and it will serve your purpose of backpacking perfectly.

Day 2. Beaches all around

Ibiza beach

Seeing as it is an island, Ibiza has quite a few beaches. Luckily, you will not be disappointed, because they are all exquisitely beautiful and very well equipped with restaurants, bars, and free chaise longs and umbrellas all over the place. Here are the most notable ones, divided by cardinal points.

  • Ibiza Town and the South
  • Playa d’en Bossa beach
  • Las Salinas beach, which is also home to Ibiza’s natural salt sources, basically big puddles of salty water left to dry out in the sun. The locals then collect the salt. It makes for a wonderful sightseeing attraction.
  • Talamanca beach
  • San Antonio and the West
  • Cala Salada beach
  • Cala Bassa beach
  • Cala Gracio beach
  • Santa Eulalia and the East
  • Aguas Blancas beach
  • Es Niu Blau beach
  • Es Pou des Lleo beach
  • Portinax and the North
  • Cala San Vicente beach
  • Puerto de San Miguel beach
  • Cala Xarraca beach

The appropriate attire for a day visiting Ibiza’s beach? That’s what’s actually fun and exciting about Ibiza. There is no appropriate attire. You can wear a swimsuit if you want, but you can also go completely nude, should you wish to. However, as a true fashionista, we’re guessing you want to parade your best swimsuits. We recommend some European style ones, as well as boho chic ones. Go for fringes, flowers, polka dots and as many stripes as you can.

Day 3. Take your pick of restaurants and bars


As far as restaurants and bars go, since Ibiza is the world’s official party island, the choice is humongous. You can literally take a walk in any direction you choose and you are bound to find a great place, with amazing food and fun, new people to meet.

Here are a few of the best restaurants on the Island, by ambience, to help you set the right mood for each day you spend there.

  • Chill-out dinning
  • Bambudhha Restaurant
  • Pura Vida Beach Club and Restaurant
  • Amante Beach Club
  • Mint Lounge Bar
  • Romantic Sunset Dinning
  • Café Mambo, in San Antonio
  • Elements Ibiza Restaurant
  • Sushi Mambo Restaurant
  • Sa Flama Restaurant
  • Budget restaurants
  • Sa Caseta Cafeteria, in Es Cana
  • La Cava Tapas Bar
  • Contra Vent Bar Restaurant
  • Tamarama Café-Deli-Bar

This is your chance to wear all the amazing vacation outfits you’ve brought from home. Depending on the restaurant you choose, you can wear anything, from little black dresses and elegant pumps to maxi, flowing white skirts and crop tops. Here are a few fashionista tips on the subject:

  • Wear your swimsuit to dinner, underneath your dress, for an after meal dip in the sea, in the dark
  • Wear pastels, white, ivory, and yellow as much as you can, so as to complement the golden tan you’ll be getting there.
  • Miniskirts are your best friend, both for comfort against the hot weather and for showing off your tanned legs.

Day 4. It’s time to go clubbing

Guy Gerber at Pacha


If we’ve said it once, we said it a hundred times. Ibiza is the party capital of the world. It houses some of the planet’s most amazing clubs. This is why going clubbing is not something you want to miss out on while you’re there. Actually, Ibiza is such a famous clubbing destination that world renowned DJs come to play their sets there every night like it was nothing. So, for just an entrance fee, you could actually attend a concert by the likes of Armin van Buuren or Skrillex.

Here are Ibiza’s and the world’s, for that matter, most famous clubs.

  • Pacha – by far the most important one. Look for the two red cherries and you’ve found the gateways to the promised land
  • Amnesia
  • Space
  • Paradis
  • Ushuaia
  • Destino
  • Ibiza Rocks

What to wear? Sequins, glitter, leather, lace, neon colors, and the highest heels you can find. There is no night like an Ibiza party night, so make the best out of it. Leave the jeans and sneakers at the hotel, get all dolled up and strap in for a wild night of dancing and running around town in search of the best music.


Charlotte is a journalism and English literature graduate. Linguistics, ballet and country-hopping are just some of her passions. She’s currently based in London but 9/10 times you’ll find her in another country. Always saving up money for the next plane ticket.

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