25 Incredibly Useful Portuguese Phrases



Are you heading to Portugal anytime soon? Well you just might want to learn some basic Portuguese phrases to ease your way from airport to cafes and pretty much any place around the country. Knowing what, how and when to say a phrase in a foreign language will always be handy, so let’s get started with some basic phrases every traveller to Portugal (or any of their 19 colonies) should know.

1. Do you speak English? -Você fala o inglês?

2. How are you? – Como está? (formal) Como vai? (informal)

3. Good morning (good afternoon)  – Bom dia (boa tarde)

4. Good evening (good night)  – Boa noite

5. Thank you  – Bem, obrigado

6. My name is (I am)  – Meu nome é (Eu sou)

7. What is your name?  – Como é seu nome?

8. It’s a pleasure  – é um prazer

9. I don’t understand (I didn’t understand)  – Não entendo (Não entendi)

10. Do you understand?  –Você entende?

11. Please repeat more slowly  – Por favor repete, mais devagar

12. I am sorry – Eu sou pesaroso

13. Where is the toilet? – Onde está o toalete?

14. How much is it? – Quanto é? / Quanto custa?

15. Can I pay with dollars/pounds? – Posso pagar com dólares/Libras?

16. See you later! – Até mais!

17. I’m lost – Estou perdido/ perdida (female)

18. Can you help me? – Você pode me ajudar?

19. Where is the nearest chemist? – Onde fica a farmácia mais próxima?

20. I need a doctor – Eu preciso um doutor

21. I missed you so much! – Senti tanto a sua falta!

22. Excuse me! – Ó, desculpe! Com licença!

23. I don’t understand – Eu não percebo/Eu não entendo

24. Is it near? – É perto?

25. Bye! – Tchau!

This list is by no means a complete guide to Portuguese but it should give you a fair idea of really the most basic words and phrases that can make your travels around Portugal so much easier. After all, travel is about immersing yourself in the local culture and there’s nothing like a friendly smile and local phrases to break the ice and bond with locals.


Charlotte is a journalism and English literature graduate. Linguistics, ballet and country-hopping are just some of her passions. She’s currently based in London but 9/10 times you’ll find her in another country. Always saving up money for the next plane ticket.

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