15 Ugly Belgian Houses We Love

We all want to be house-proud about the place we call home. To have our friends compliment our abode makes us all warm inside -to have it appear in House Beautiful, well that’s an accomplishment we’d be happy to inform everyone about. But what if your home is photographed for other reasons? Namely for being ugly.

For the last four years, Hannes Coudenys has been photographing houses across Belgium -but it’s not the typical home you’d see in the country. This is because Coudenys only focuses on documenting ugly properties. Using Tumblr and Instagram, Coudenys, who isn’t a professional photographer aimed to draw attention to Belgium’s town planning -or lack thereof.

“It is as if we first crammed every square metre with buildings before then deciding to put some streets through here and there,” he says.

His photographic efforts have resulted in a new book entitled Ugly Belgian Houses, a collection of what is supposed to be the ugliest homes in Belgium. While Coudenys believes Belgium is an ugly country (and is positive he is not alone in his beliefs) we beg to differ. One man’s Frank Gehry is another man’s van der Rohe afterall.

We’ve gone through Ugly Belgian Houses to bring you 15 of our favourite, not-so-ugly Belgian houses that we love.  Do you have a favourite?


Photos: Ugly Belgian Houses tumblr

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