5 Exciting Destinations For The Ultimate Grad Trip


Congratulations! After four years of pulling all-nighters, making it to class on time, juggling a part time job (that student loan ain’t gonna pay itself) and completing group projects, you’ve finally graduated! Now whether or not you enjoyed student life is an entirely different matter –it’s time to reward yourself for all that hard work by embarking on that life changing grad trip. We know travelling can be expensive – but when else will it be socially acceptable to crash in cheap hostels and still use your student ID? So, before you check in to the real world, you might want to check out these graduate friendly destinations.

1. London, England


So much London, so little time. Indeed, the British capital has much to offer the graduate fresh out of college. So many museums to get through, so many West End shows to see, and so many high street boutiques to shop at! And don’t get us started on the incredible nightlife in East London. Sure it’s expensive, but just flash your student ID and you’ll be getting discounts as steep as 50% on all night drinks. And with the London tube doing night runs way into the wee hours of the morning, you won’t have to worry about blowing your money on cab fare!

2. Paris


Because Paris is always a good idea, non? The world’s most visited destination (circa 2013) is home to the iconic Eiffel Tower, the Louvre and a ton of other museums where you can get schooled in art and French history. And should all that art and culture leave you famished, the City of Love has got your stomach covered. From the hot chocolate at Angelina to the macaroons at La Duree, you really can’t go wrong culinary wise – not in the city that came up with the Michelin Star.

3. Rome


If food excites you more than sights and sounds, then a trip to Rome is in order. While everyone else is clicking away at the Colosseum and posing with modern day gladiators, you’ll be tucking in to genuine pasta and pizza – with ample room for tiramisu of course!  Wander down the cobblestoned streets of the Eternal City where all roads will no doubt lead to a gelato shop at every corner, with the most famous one being the wildly successful Giolitti, just a few steps away from the Pantheon.

4. Amsterdam


The party capital of Europe is definitely high on most students’ lists of places to visit. Where else can you go on a Cultural Ganja Walking Tour and immerse yourself in the works of Rembrant and Van Gogh in the same day?

5. Lisbon


Portugal has a similar vibe to Spain although with less tourists and an even cheaper tourist bill! They’ve got the beaches, the tapas bars and a fast growing wine region ready to give France and Spain a run for their money.



Dianne is a freelancer writer/photographer who divides her time between London and Bulgaria.

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