10 Interesting Facts About London


Everyone who is adventurous must most possibly be nurturing the dream to visit London one day deep inside. Not everyone knows about this but London is the largest metropolitan city in the entire European Union and the ninth largest city in the World. A portion of the population visits London every year to explore the most amazing facts London is known for but still there are a lot more things that can make you go crazy about London. So, here are some of the greatest and most interesting facts you must be aware of if you are planning to explore London on its fullest:

The Chess Boxing Game

This is the game that grew up in London and Berlin and has been getting more fame with time throughout the world. Everyone in London is aware of this sport and people are rather crazy about playing or watching this game. This is a hybrid game which includes both boxing and chess competition where the winner is decided after alternatively placing them to play chess and boxing matches.

The Big-Ben

Most people get confused with whether Big Ben is the name of the clock Tower or the Bell. The famous clock tower of London in Westminster is the most iconic landmark of London and Big Ben is the name of the bell of the clock tower and not the clock itself. The clock tower rather has a name “The Elizabeth Tower”.

The M25 Ring Road

The M25 Motorway of London is the second largest road in the world stretched across 117 miles( 188 km) and was completed in 11 long years( from 1975-1986). It is still there in London. Also, it is one of the busiest motorway networks where 196,000 vehicles were recorded on a busy day. The largest one being the Berliner Ring road stretched across 196km.

The Taxi service in London

In order to get a Taxi license in London, you need to know about every single street and landmarks of London which are not at all an easy task to achieve.  So, next time if you are traveling in a Vorri then don’t just forget to appreciate the hard work the driver did in past to give you a comfortable ride in the present. Besides there are almost 21,000 licensed taxis in London and the orange light indicates whether it contains a passenger inside or not.

The Rain room

London has a rain room as well that applies science to make you feel the best possible miraculous experience. It rains everywhere except the spot where you are present. So, basically, you won’t be able to feel the joy of shower but the science at its best.

The manner of Driving

In London, the motorists drive on the left but there is one road where cars could only enter and exit through the right .The street is called “Savoy Court’ leading to the “Savoy Hotel”. Women are allowed first to exit as they traditionally sits behind the drivers and this was brought to action after a Parliamentary law. So keep in mind that you don’t break laws there.

Visitor Statistics

London is the only city in the world to receive international visitors- 15.3million per year (approx.). This is highest fixture after Hong Kong (with 12 million), Bangkok, Singapore (over 10 million), Paris and New York. These records show how many portions of the entire world population is crazier about London and its iconic landmarks.

Record for languages spoken here

London is the only city in the World where 270 languages are spoken. No other city has the following record. This shows the variedness in the tourists reaching there. London is already an international tourist spot, so the landmarks and advancement in Technology present here are the results of the large income it makes through tourism.

The Trafalgar Square Christmas tree

If you are planning to visit London during Christmas then don’t ever forget to visit the 20 meters tall and 50-60 years old Norway Spruce which the city of Oslo, Norway presents to the people of Britain/London for helping them during the World war 2. The tree looks stunningly beautiful and is a must watch thing.

The Burger King’s Burger

Burger King here sells out a $200 burger once in a week to precede the income through sale to a London charity. This expensive burger is made up of Wagyu Beef, white truffles, Organic white wine, Mayonnaise, Cristal champagne and Peta Negra ham along with the onion straws. It’s tasty and the cause is noble. So, you can contribute your part to the mankind through these burgers.





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